Business Development

Business Development

Our Business Development department covers: 


  • Lobbying for fundraising and scholarships. 
  • Striking partnerships with regions, organizations, and companies. 
  • Promoting AAED as a welcoming, friendly and respectful organization helping women in difficulties to find a voice to get out of a predicament.
  • Organising the development of online data, resources and networking.
  • Publishing newsletters.
  • Promoting partnership on research and evaluating outcomes and benefits of our activities.


We seek members and supporters who endorse and promote the above activities, including in particular: 


  • People with direct experience of investment in Africa. 
  • Members of the public who support these aims. 
  • Associations promoting social justice for women especially in Africa. 


Community members, their families, friends, and supporters who engage with the Academy activities to:


  • Enjoy increased awareness, understanding, and improved implementation of gender equality practices.
  • Experience more equal and respectful relationships between women and people who provide employment and rules within the society.
  • Have a voice on issues vital to them 
  • Access information and learning opportunities for studying, starting a business or innovate. 
  • Benefit from scholarships and assistance to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Enjoy a long-term strategic alliance with other developed communities and benefit from cultural, educational and commercial exchanges, as well as economic development.


In the interest of the community, we invite lawmakers and African managers to contribute towards addressing issues by: 


  • Hearing the views and stories of African women with experience in education or entrepreneurship and their successes or failures. 
  • Developing the same view and consideration for women and men to help ensure sustainable development for the continent. 
  • Adopting gender equality-oriented approaches.
  • Fostering partnership with other organisations, agencies, and people endorsing women’s empowerment. 


The general public also will benefit from: 


  • Enhanced understanding of issues related to gender unfairness. 
  • A more inclusive society with strong focus on valued and increased diversity.
  • A continued awareness of the potential and the important contribution of African women in various fields