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Social enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better. While they sometimes make a profit like traditional businesses, it is what they do with that profit that sets them apart: they reinvest or donate it to create positive social change. Around the world, the social enterprise movement is growing. On every continent, social enterprises are tackling the biggest social issues: reducing poverty, fighting income inequality, fighting for women’s rights, creating jobs and promoting sustainable growth. There has never been a more important time for the world to realize the potential of social enterprises to make the ideals behind the Sustainable Development Goals a reality. The African Academy is very proud to be recognized and labeled by SEUK “Social Enterprise United Kingdom” and to be able to collaborate with one of the world’s leading social enterprises.

Chair of Directors

Abdelhamid Khalil

On September 25, 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as the agreed framework for international development. It is the successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

This agenda, which applies to all countries, is even more relevant to Africa. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is more ambitious, envisaging poverty eradication, the systematic fight against climate change, and the construction of peaceful, resilient, equitable, and inclusive societies.

Nevertheless, such ambitious development can only be achieved with an end to gender discrimination that leaves women less resilient and without hope for higher education and income …

Deputy Chair of Directors

Stephane Aver

Our time is witnessing a growing awareness of the need for a profound transformation of globalization that has proven to be exclusive and individualistic towards a human and inclusive “planetaryization” by all political, economic and social actors. The 2020s mark a period of modeling the new governance of this transition and paradigm shift, based on both the geographic relocalization of resource value and their transformation chains.
In this powerful emergence, Africa, with its rich human and material potential, has the leading role. Our commitment at the academy is to contribute to the impetus for this extraordinary continent to take charge of its sustainable development.

Our Sponsors

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“The Academy would like to thank those partners who have trusted it and lent it their hand to help build a world of tomorrow that is ecologically sustainable and that offers African women the place they deserve”. 

Meet the Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are personalities whose commitments are in adequation with the values as promoted by our Academy. The Academy wishes to acknowledge and express its gratitude to its Ambassadors who devote their time and knowledge to promote the Academy’s image and values
throughout the globe.

Our Partners

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The academy promotes the idea of adaptive management, which calls for a cyclical approach so that policies can be adapted as circumstances change and people learn. With our partners, we first identify the problems and desired goals, and then develop the appropriate policy. Once the policy is implemented and the results monitored, the problems and goals are revisited, and the cycle is repeated. Our approach is iterative, with each step offering the opportunity to involve different groups and for them to learn from each other. 

We are inviting forward-thinking businesses to get in touch with us to discuss how to achieve sustainable development, thereby bringing environmental quality, economic prosperity, and social equity to current and future generations of African women.

Honorary Presidents

The Honorary President is an honorific title proposed to a personality to whom our Board of Directors recognizes deeds and commitments that are in harmony with the ideals and values as promoted by our Academy. The Academy wishes to thank its Honorary Presidents for associating their image with the Academy and allowing it to benefit from the outreach of their name, fame, and social influence.