About Us

The African Academy for Ecological development, considering that Africa’s sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing the gender relations and disparities underlying the prevailing iniquity, focuses on African women’s empowerment as a critical process in reaching gender equality and sustainable development. The Academy helps enhance women’s capacity as active agents of change for sustainable development. Through its activities, the Academy helps narrow the “gender gap” and create an equal playing field between women and men where women can determine their own choices both within and outside the home.

The Academy does not limit women’s empowerment and gender equality as a question of social development alone but as a cross-cutting issue in economic and socio-cultural development and environmental protection. Therefore, the Academy organizes its activities around four sustainable development inter-related pillars: economic development, social development, environmental protection, and cultural diversity preservation.

Our Steering committee members have a long experience in charitable actions and come from different backgrounds such as academic research, international law, ecological industry, domestic or international trade, mass or rural tourism, culinary art, fashion, and health. The Academy counts also on personalities who have demonstrated their attachment to human values and have, to their credit, numerous achievements in international relations, development, administration, and management of the regions. These personalities are our Honorific Presidents and Ambassadors who support us and carry our voice to the most important institutions and the various economic and cultural circles. They are also our Professional Advisory Committee members who advise us and guide our approach.

We also work with a wide range of partners, including academic, research, and development organizations, and develop our African territorial anchorage by relying on local structures with which we set up real laboratories of social innovation. We receive funding from our sponsors and donators and the services we provide for companies.