Corporate and consultancy

Corporate and consultancy

We promote the African continent’s opportunities to attract investors while highlighting the vital roles and contribution of African women in sustainable development and climate change.


We also provide advice, guidance, and assistance to companies wishing to set up business in Africa. We do this in return for commitment to respect gender parity in terms of recruitment and compliance with standard rules for employees’ career development. Our ultimate goal is to enable African women to gain more respect in newly established firms and promote equal treatment between women and men. 


Furthermore, we encourage and help the already-operating companies in Africa to reflect on the working conditions and development of their female employees, and suggest actions and recommendations to be taken in order to overcome gender-based discrimination. Our goal is to improve community relations and social cohesion by highlighting the vital role women can play without undermining the men’s contribution and the opportunities afforded them in the labour market.  


Our periodically organised Seminars and Events and our Lobbying aim to develop and promote African cities’ twinning with cities in Europe or Asia. We also make sure such a move would be beneficial to all concerned and interested.


Our activities include collaboration with other institutions, governmental departments and private concerns national and international stakeholders where appropriate to: 


    • Enable African women to develop more meaningful and satisfying livelihood by sharing practical knowledge around food production and technology to benefit their communities;
    • Accelerate rural women’s access to agricultural technologies to achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture;
    • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Education is a right as it empowers women to increase their well-being and contributes to broader social and economic gains.